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Unique visitor counts and countries determined by IP address. If I have missed your country, please let me know.
NOTE: I no longer update this page as the once free tools I used to create the counts are no longer available. Similar pay-per-use tools are available. Since I make no money via this site, I will no longer update this page.

Last updated: Sunday, March 28, 2021
Rank #CountryCountPercent
1US United States3993773.6981%
2CA Canada601411.0980%
3GB United Kingdom13072.4119%
4FR France5801.0703%
5DE Germany5641.0408%
6SE Sweden4800.8858%
7CN China4310.7953%
8RU Russian Federation3510.6477%
9NL Netherlands3170.5850%
10AU Australia3130.5776%
11IN India2940.5425%
12MX Mexico2890.5333%
13SG Singapore1810.3340%
14UA Ukraine1530.2823%
15CH Switzerland1430.2639%
16JP Japan1410.2602%
17IR Iran (ISLAMIC Republic Of)1370.2528%
18ZZ Reserved1010.1864%
19NZ New Zealand1000.1845%
20MY Malaysia920.1698%
21IL Israel910.1679%
22IT Italy910.1679%
23AT Austria900.1661%
24CZ Czech Republic870.1605%
25ES Spain820.1513%
26KR Korea Republic of760.1402%
27TR Turkey690.1273%
28PH Philippines670.1236%
29PL Poland640.1181%
30NO Norway620.1144%
31RO Romania600.1107%
32TH Thailand580.1070%
33HK Hong Kong540.0996%
34IE Ireland540.0996%
35PT Portugal490.0904%
36PA Panama480.0886%
37VN Viet Nam460.0849%
38HU Hungary450.0830%
39BE Belgium440.0812%
40CO Colombia440.0812%
41CR Costa Rica430.0794%
42BR Brazil420.0775%
43FI Finland420.0775%
44ZA South Africa420.0775%
45AE United Arab Emirates410.0757%
46ID Indonesia370.0683%
47TW Taiwan; Republic of China (ROC)370.0683%
48SK Slovakia (SLOVAK Republic)330.0609%
49DK Denmark310.0572%
50AR Argentina280.0517%
51GR Greece270.0498%
52GT Guatemala260.0480%
53LT Lithuania250.0461%
54UY Uruguay220.0406%
55SA Saudi Arabia200.0369%
56BY Belarus190.0351%
57CL Chile190.0351%
58HR Croatia (LOCAL Name: Hrvatska)180.0332%
59PR Puerto Rico160.0295%
60EG Egypt150.0277%
61KW Kuwait150.0277%
62BG Bulgaria140.0258%
63LU Luxembourg140.0258%
64DO Dominican Republic130.0240%
65HN Honduras130.0240%
66PE Peru130.0240%
67TT Trinidad and Tobago130.0240%
68DM Dominica120.0221%
69KE Kenya120.0221%
70LV Latvia120.0221%
71SI Slovenia120.0221%
72PK Pakistan110.0203%
73JM Jamaica100.0185%
74EC Ecuador90.0166%
75EU European Union90.0166%
76IS Iceland90.0166%
77JO Jordan90.0166%
78CY Cyprus80.0148%
79QA Qatar80.0148%
80RS Serbia80.0148%
81VE Venezuela80.0148%
82BS Bahamas70.0129%
83EE Estonia70.0129%
84LB Lebanon70.0129%
85BO Bolivia60.0111%
86MD Moldova Republic of60.0111%
87SC Seychelles60.0111%
88AM Armenia50.0092%
89BZ Belize50.0092%
90CU Cuba50.0092%
91GU Guam50.0092%
92MT Malta50.0092%
93PY Paraguay50.0092%
94AW Aruba40.0074%
95AZ Azerbaijan40.0074%
96BD Bangladesh40.0074%
97BH Bahrain40.0074%
98NG Nigeria40.0074%
99NI Nicaragua40.0074%
100AF Afghanistan30.0055%
101AL Albania30.0055%
102BB Barbados30.0055%
103BM Bermuda30.0055%
104CW Curacao30.0055%
105GH Ghana30.0055%
106IQ Iraq30.0055%
107LK Sri Lanka30.0055%
108MA Morocco30.0055%
109OM Oman30.0055%
110TC Turks and Caicos Islands30.0055%
111AG Antigua and Barbuda20.0037%
112GE Georgia20.0037%
113KH Cambodia20.0037%
114KY Cayman Islands20.0037%
115MG Madagascar20.0037%
116MK Macedonia20.0037%
117MN Mongolia20.0037%
118MO Macau20.0037%
119NE Niger20.0037%
120SV El Salvador20.0037%
121AD Andorra10.0018%
122AO Angola10.0018%
123BA Bosnia and Herzegowina10.0018%
124ET Ethiopia10.0018%
125FO Faroe Islands10.0018%
126GI Gibraltar10.0018%
127GY Guyana10.0018%
128IM Isle of Man10.0018%
129LC Saint Lucia10.0018%
130MM Myanmar10.0018%
131MP Northern Mariana Islands10.0018%
132MU Mauritius10.0018%
133MZ Mozambique10.0018%
134NP Nepal10.0018%
135PS Palestinian Territory Occupied10.0018%
136SN Senegal10.0018%
137SR Suriname10.0018%
138SY Syrian Arab Republic10.0018%
139TN Tunisia10.0018%
140VC Saint Vincent and The Grenadines10.0018%
141VG Virgin Islands (BRITISH)10.0018%
142VI Virgin Islands (U.S.)10.0018%
143ZW Zimbabwe10.0018%
Grand Total54190100.0000%

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